Welcome!  My name is Mrs. Zeleny and I am a Second grade teacher at Kellom Elementary.  On this site you'll find information that will help us stay in contact throughout the year.  It also has educational websites for your child to use at home.

If you have any questions, please call me at 344-0441 Ext.1042.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with your child.

Homework Expectations:

Every week on Mondays (except for 3 day weeks) your student will bring home a spelling list for them to study every night. Please encourage them to practice their words every night so that they will do well on Friday's test.

Their Spelling sentences (#1-10) are due on Thursday every week.  I give them a few days to work on them so they can be creative with sentences.

The children should be able to get most of their work done in class.  If they have homework, they are expected to take it home to complete it and return it the next day.  If your child seems to have a lot of homework every night, they may not be using their time wisely in class.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

spelling activities

Here are some spelling activities you can do at home with your child that will help them prepare for Friday's Spelling test.

    1.Write each word 5 times.

    2. Write each spelling word in a sentence.

    3. Practice spelling words with someone else.

    4. Give a practice spelling test.

    5. Write the words in shaving cream or sand.

    6. Spell out the words in clay, play dough, or pipe cleaners.

All of these activities should help your child do well on Friday's test.

Mrs. Zeleny

email address: brenna.zeleny@ops.org

You can reach me at:  402-344-0441 Ex: 1042


Cycle Day Schedule

Days 1 & 6 - Music
Days 2 & 7 - Library (check out on Day 2 only)
Days 3 & 8 - Art
Days 4 & 9 - P.E.
Days 5 & 10 - Guidance

 Class Expectations:

The students will raise their hand quietly and wait to be called on.

The students will listen when other people are talking.

The students will ask permission before getting out of their seat.

The students will keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
The students will respectfully follow directions the first time given.