Kellom Community fosters globally responsible, compassionate, resilient and productive citizens.     

  Kellom Staff encourages the 3B's .  

  * Be Respectful

  * Be Responsible

  * Be Safe   

Along with the 3B's, we also have classroom rules.

Follow directons first time given.

Speak and listen with respect.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Always use appropriate behavior in school.

By following all of these rules, the students are demonstrating "above the line" behavior.  "Above the line" behavior is expected throughout the school.  If the students do not follow the directions, their behavior is considered "below the line". At that time, the students will need to review the rule and possibly have a consequence (depending on the situation).


spelling activities

Each Monday, your student will bring home a list of Spelling words.  Please practice the words with them every night.  Here are some ideas to help your student practice the words. 


* Write each word 5 times     
* Write each word in a sentence
* Spell the words out loud to someone else
* Give a practice spelling test
* Write the words in shaving cream or sand
* Spell out the words in clay, play dough or pipe cleaners  



After practicing each word every day and night, the students should be well prepared for their Spelling test every Friday. 

homework expectations

*Every day the students are given time to work on each assignment in class.  If the assignments are not finished, the students are expected to take them home, complete them, and return them to school the next day.  The students are expected to complete their assignments in a neat and timely manner.  If a student is absent, they are expected to finish all assignments within a couple days of their return to class.

*The students are given a list of Spelling words every Monday.  Their homework assignment is to write each word in a sentence (due on Thursday).  The students are also encouraged to practice the words every night to help prepare them for their Spelling test each Friday. (see Spelling Activities)

*The students are encouraged to read every night.  When choosing a book to read, please use the "5 word" rule.  If there are 5 words on the first page that the students do not know, the book is too difficult for them.  It is important for the students to read level appropriate materials to build their fluency and confidence.  While your student is reading the book, please ask them questions about the story.  This will help your students with their comprehension skills.

Mrs. Mello