Humble and Kind



 Counselor's Corner! 💫


All of our students will also be learning about our No Place For Hate initiative that we will be finishing this year.  Kellom is hopeful to be named one of Omaha's No Place for Hate schools.  We will continue to complete activities both in our school as well as activities that will help our Kellom community to be kind and respectful to all.  

I love to visit!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime!
402-344-0441 ex1051

Mrs. Susan Brown-Ziola - Counselor

Hello everyone, My name is Susan Brown-Ziola and I am the school counselor at Kellom Elementary.  My job is to help all of our students succeed both academically and socially.  

To do this I work with students, individually, in small groups, as well as in classroom settings.  Here at Kellom, our students are encouraged and expected to be humble and kind to all.  

If you ever have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I absolutely  love to get to know the families of our students.


Mrs. Susan Brown-Ziola

402-344-0441 ex.1051

Bindi's Blessing

Meet Bindi - My office partner. 

Hi, my name is Bindi, I am a 3 year old yellow lab therapy dog.  I get to come to work with my human, Mrs. Ziola.  She takes good care of me and spoils me rotten.  I would like to tell you what I do at Kellom when I am here.  I am not a service dog.  I am a certified therapy dog who thinks there is nothing more important than helping kids smile. When I was in school learning, I learned how to help Kellom students meet behavioral goals, reduce stress and anxiety, helps them to concentrate, and of course I provide unconditional acceptance and LOVE.  

Becoming a therapy dog was really hard work.  I had to go to school for almost a year and Mrs. Ziola and I had to do a lot of homework every week.  I  got to go to many different places each week to interact with people and dogs.  I then had 2 very difficult tests I had to pass.  Once I graduated and became a certified therapy dog through Edu-Pups, I started attending Kellom Elementary to help all the All-Stars (students and staff) feel happy and smile each and every day.  If you have any questions ask my human, Mrs. Ziola, she loves to talk about me.